Wta Collective Agreement 2016

See the full 2014-2018 collective agreement or some sections of the collective agreement below: The contract is a legally binding employment contract developed during collective bargaining with the employer and the union. Each teacher shall be classified on the basis of Manitoba Teaching Certificates and Qualifications Regulation No. 515/88, as amended on the date of this Agreement, provided that: As of September 1, 2010, notwithstanding any other provision of the Collective Agreement, the annual rates of pay paid to all employees covered by this Agreement for the part or parts of each school year during a given calendar year will be determined on the basis of a Twenty-fourth (1/24) of the year. Rate of pay payable for each month from September to August inclusive. Any subsequent adjustments payable in accordance with this clause or in connection with the termination of the Service will be paid in accordance with this section. The collective agreement between the Winnipeg School Division and the WTA governs the terms and conditions of employment at the ministry. It serves to define obligations and protect the rights and privileges of employees and employers. Below you will find links to the current collective agreement between the WSD and the following associations/unions: Unless otherwise provided for in this agreement, teachers are remunerated on the following basis: Upon conclusion of the fixed-term contract or working period, the teacher will receive a final adjustment in accordance with the formula of 9.07(ii) if the teacher is only in the autumn semester or 9.07(iii) if the teacher is employed for a period of time. part of the spring semester, for which a salary must be paid, has the service. _________.

One year of teaching experience with Winnipeg staff, which includes teaching experience recognized by Manitoba Advanced Education and Learning (including maternity leave recognized by the Department) for teaching experience purposes during the Department`s leave, means ten (10) months of teaching, or two hundred (200) days of instruction each, as applicable; and includes all sabbatical periods, except that the twenty (20) days of absence from service without pay during a school year following the effective date of the teacher`s individual contract are counted as one (1) month of absence. .

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