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Winnipeg Fire Department Collective Agreement

Terms of a renewed or revised or agreed agreement under the terms of an agreement 1st, one or both parties may request in writing the Minister the appointment of an arbitration body. The City did not meet a two-week deadline set by the collective agreement. Both sides made their proposals on salaries, benefits and other issues, and a month later responded with counter-proposals. Subject to subsection (3), such a collective agreement remains in force for the clause mentioned in it and, subject to the above, such a sentence remains in effect until the end of the year in which it enters into force in accordance with subsection 1. „bargaining agent for paramedics,“ the union that is certified by the board of directors to act on behalf of paramedics in collective bargaining; (Paramedics` Bargaining Agent) In a letter from the United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg to Mayor, City Councillors and WFPS Chief John Lane, the union states that due to a missed deadline for submitting proposals on October 1, only UFFW proposals will be discussed during collective bargaining. If the provisions of subsection 1 are applied, all references to „firefighters“ must be read as „ambulances“. (b) as a party to a collective agreement with a municipality that is its employer; („Negotiating Agent“) „Given that proposals have been exchanged between the parties and there is a negotiating protocol, the city will not speak further,“ the spokesman said. „The city hopes that a collective agreement will be negotiated with UFFW.“ (a) asked the city or the ambulance bargaining partner to enter into collective bargaining for a collective agreement; (a) the conflict that has emerged in collective bargaining between the city and the ambulance bargaining partner; and at the end of the period during which a collective agreement or bonus is in effect, it remains in effect until it is replaced, if necessary, by a new collective agreement or award. (d) the city and the bargaining partner for the paramedics have not entered into a new collective agreement; b) the development of a collective agreement or the renewal or revision of an existing or previous collective agreement. (a) collective bargaining between the municipality, which is the employer of all firefighters, and the firefighters` bargaining partner have been initiated and carried out; Unless otherwise stated in this Act, the provisions of the Law of Principle relating to the maintenance of collective bargaining apply to collective bargaining between a municipality and a negotiator and, in all cases, where a provision of that law is inconsistent or contrary to a provision of the main law, the provision of that act binds the parties to the situation and replaces the provision of the main law with respect to its application to the Situation.

A distinction is mandatory for the municipality, which is the employer of firefighters, for firefighters and for the firefighter negotiator; and each of them must respect and execute the award and make it effective immediately. Where a collective agreement exists between a municipality and a negotiator, a party to the lease agreement is required to negotiate a renewed or revised collective agreement, no later than October 1 before the end of the existing collective agreement, at the opening of collective bargaining for the renewal or revision of the collective agreement or the conclusion of a new collective agreement; and, if necessary, with the communication, it resumes in writing its proposals to revise the agreement.

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