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Vahpa Enterprise Agreement

Under the Fair Work Act, Eastern Health is required to promote all workers covered by the new agreement, referring to their representation rights in negotiations. If you are a VAHPA member, you can view your employment contract by registering on the members` portal. VAHPA Secretary Craig McGregor also denounced the enterprise negotiations as an „unfair and unfair system.“ Trade union action is needed to advance workers` demands, he said, but it took a year to win the right to take protected measures. Since then, seven of the 29 centres have taken action, including wearing campaign T-shirts at work, not attending team meetings, not performing tasks outside position descriptions, and not collecting or reporting statistics. Please contact VAHPA on 1300 322 917 or if you have any questions about your agreement. BreastScreen Victoria has proposed a number of changes to the proposed enterprise agreement, some positive, many negative. They have also accepted some VAHPA applications, but not most of them. Recently, they have put on the table an offer of wages, although this unfortunately provides for wage increases of less than 2% per year. After lengthy and lengthy negotiations in which members voted on the original agreement before Christmas, members approved a revised agreement to introduce Phase 2 of the 5th year and a refund clause for future holidays and annual wage increases of 3%. If the agreement is rejected, mcm will again be forced to the negotiating table. This may lead to another possibility for the ASU to improve the agreement, or the employer to reduce the current supply. Workers are invited to vote on the agreement just before they are presented to the Fair Labour Commission.

While we must fight for the survival of community health, the simple fact is that negotiating a multi-company agreement covering all municipal health centres is not good for allied health professionals or for the municipal health sector. This is why VAHPA strives to negotiate individual business agreements in each community health centre. However, employers and their VHIA representatives are steadfastly negotiating an agreement on several companies, although they are unable to guarantee, as the result for municipal health dentists (6 different enterprise agreements) shows, that this will be the end result of such negotiations. VAHPA delegate Jeremy Duggan said: „The performance of the offer was very positive. Members felt that previous agreements had been concluded in a hasty manner, without addressing many important issues such as professional development. Trade negotiations in the Victorian public sector are conducted within the framework of federal labour relations and in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009. Negotiations in the Victorian public sector are also conducted within the parameters of the Victorian government`s labour relations policy. Enterprise agreements are negotiated periodically between employees and employers in collective bargaining. The Victorian Association of Health Professionals works hard with our members to maintain and improve compensation and conditions, including: ALL employees have the opportunity to vote on the final agreement, whether or not you have appointed a representative. The Victorian health sector employs more than 80,000 full-time equivalents.

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