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Technology Services Agreement Template

1.17 „Mission Critical Services“ refers to services that require assistance on a 24x7x365 basis and are expressly referred to as „Mission Critical“ in Appendix A. 2.4. Before Conexant has access to the supported software or equipment, Conexant receives all consents, authorizations and agreements that may be required by third parties for the granting of rights in accordance with Sections 2.2 and 2.3 and for Conexant for the implementation of computer services (the „required consents“); However, provided that Specialtysemi collects all necessary consents for specialtysemi materials and specialtysemi materials (the „Specialtysemi Required Consents“). If Conexant does not get the required agreement or Specialtysemi does not receive specialtysemi, the parties meet to agree on alternative approaches to enable Conexant to run IT services. 4. Limited guarantee: (a) MA SOCIÉTÉ guarantees for a period of thirty (30) days after delivery (the „guarantee period“) that all services are provided professionally in accordance with universal industrial standards. The exclusive liability (and exclusive recourse of the customer) for any violation of this guarantee is that MY company will again provide defective services or, if MY SOCIÉTÉ is unable to remedy this defect within thirty (30) days, cancels the invoice for defective services. MA SOCIÉTÉ IS NOT OBLIGATORY IN WHAT A GARANTIE RIGHT: (i) if it is informed of this right after the expiry of the warranty period or (ii) if the claim is the result of the hardware or software of a third party, the action of the customer or another party, or other factors that are not subject to the appropriate control of MY COMPANY. 11.2 Each party states that it has the necessary entrepreneurial power to conclude this agreement and grant its rights, and that there are no rights, agreements, subsidies, charges, obligations or restrictions that would prevent that party from fulfilling its obligations under the terms of this agreement. 3.5 Outsourcing. Specialtysemi is aware that Conexant may have entered into contracts with third parties before and after the date of this agreement for the provision of services related to all or part of the IT services to be provided under this agreement and that it may continue to be provided in the future contract. Conexant reserves the right to continue to enter into contracts with third parties in order to provide the above or to establish new contractual relationships for any of the above conditions; conexant does not absone its obligations under this treaty. Specialtysemi wishes Conexant and Conexant to provide certain IT services to Specialtysemi for the duration and subject to the terms of this agreement.

11. Full understanding; Amendment: This agreement, including all attached annexes and schedules, constitutes a complete and complete understanding and agreement between the client and MY COMPANY and replaces all pre- or simultaneous negotiations, discussions or agreements between the parties, written or oral, regarding the subject matter contained.

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