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Select The Option That Corrects The Error In Noun-Adjective Agreement

Here is a list of adjectives, which usually -him: tall, black, fat, brave, bright, busy, clean, light, intelligent, cold, cool, dark, expensive, deep, dirty, dry, light, just, fast, fat, fine, funny, big, green, happy, hard, healthy, hard, hard, high, hot, friendly, tall, late, lazy, light, long, low, happy, crazy, joyful, narrow, naughty, close, new, noisy, pale, poor, pretty, proud, fast, red, rich, sad, safe, flat, sharp, short, slow, small, smooth, strong, cute, fat, fat, fat, thin, tiny, ugly, hot, rich, humid, white, wide, wild, wise, young, angry, small, short, blue, yellow, pink, orange, simple, shy. Before proceeding with the first worksheet for the subject-verb agreement, we will have a deeper understanding of what the subject-verb agreement is, looking at another common subject-verb conformity error.

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