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Oracle Academy Institutional Membership Agreement

Zakho University`s application to become an institutional member of the Oracle Academy was accepted. Oracle Academy works with thousands of educational institutions in 105 countries and promotes computer training around the world to improve knowledge, skills development, innovation and diversity in technology and support more than 2.2 million students per year. This membership provides Zakho University with access to exclusive services and resources for members to help its university staff and students support their students with professional knowledge and skills in universities and careers. In fact, the benefits of institutional members include: – Comprehensive modular academic curriculum in database design, SQL, PL/ SQL, and object-oriented programming with Java, suitable for high school and first- and second-year students and university students both with and outside computer programs. – Free pedagogical development in a variety of formats offered to make learning attractive and comfortable. – access to Oracle`s leading software for teaching and university research and non-profit studies. – Hosted access to Oracle Academy Workspaces for Database. – Online, practical presentations and ask the experts Webcasts and podcasts from Oracle experts in important technology areas, including big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, business intelligence and more. – Visibility in our prestigious directory of Oracle Academy institutional members, making your academic programs visible to the audience of the Oracle Academy. – Oracle University`s discounted training for your professors and technicians to expand your knowledge and deepen their skills with Oracle`s latest products. – Reduced-price certification resources for your faculty, technical staff and students, including Oracle Certified Oracle Junior Certification Exams. You use your Oracle account to sign up for your membership and access your membership benefits.

Please create your Oracle account with your official school email address. Individual membership offers limited benefits, including access to free learning and self-learning resources. Membership is free. Educators linked to educational institutions are encouraged to join them as institutional members in order to access all members` services. EMEA Ltd Announcement: In order to simplify the restructuring process for our new Oracle Academy membership offer, we are introducing our new EMEA Ltd membership agreement in English for many countries in the EMEA region. Joining the Oracle Academy provides educational institutions and educators with free computational resources for teaching to improve knowledge, skills development, innovation and diversity in technology. Institutional membership is most appropriate for institutions and educators wishing to make full use of the Oracle Academy`s curriculum and educational resources for teaching, including first-class technology and software, professional development, Oracle`s professional certification resources, member recognition and a plethora of teaching and learning resources. Oracle Academy Institutional Membership1 is free and provides institutions and their educators with access to first-class technologies and software, expert programs, educational and teaching materials, professional development, Oracle professional certification resources, member recognition and a plethora of classroom resources for their students.

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